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Psalms Finance has financing answers for every business and individual. Psalms Finance has an investment subsidiary which is deeply established financially.

Established in 1990 as an investment company, Psalms Finance is one of the largest investment companies in the Gulf region. Expect better financing solutions at affordable rates with good innovation and technology when conducting business with us. At Psalms finance, we put business goals and needs first when serving you. This helps us to design the best-tailored finance solution to grow the business.

We’re focused on helping you arrive by enabling your way to seek after your business objectives. Whether you are buying Assets, company equipment or machinery, gear or hardware can be an exhausting procedure. We will take care of that.

We know that getting funding to grow your business is tiresome and difficult. We expect to make the process transparent, simplified and less time consuming for businesses & individuals. Our strategy of focusing and developing quality products offering rather than adopting a quantity-based view has helped facilitate and secure our continued growth even in recent times of global economic hardship (2008 recession and COVID-19 Pandemic recession). The cautious thought and moderate methodology that we apply to every single loan and our policy of brokering riskier loans to businesses has created new income avenues & diversified our product subscription, thus more secured investments for clients

Psalms Finance has been delivering growth and value by assisting entrepreneurs and businesses with strategic consulting services and corporate finance arrangements to finance their business projects. Psalms Finance offers various alternatives to meet pretty much every funding requirement and helps customers to get the best finance solutions offered by top market leaders at affordable interest rates. Our financing and funding for companies is arranged through various banking and financing institutions. We provide good value to our services due to our experience, expertise and established a great network of top financing firms. We are quick, effective on every dealing and arrangements are completed in a short time-frame.

We arrange Corporate Equity and Debt Finance, which involves Strategic Partnerships, Trade Finance, Working Capital Facilities, Private Equity by Institutions, Seller’s and Buyer’s Credits Project Financing, Machinery & Equipment Lease Finance, Islamic Financing or Islamic banking, and so forth.

During the economic downturn, many troublesome financing deals have been finished up in record times and we are as of now holding orders for orchestrating funding for significant private sector organizations just as government-related foundations and public traded companies. We protect data and keep up an exacting classification of our customer’s data and dealings. It’s our proven track record which has earned us trust with our clients over the years in this finance sector.

Since Psalms Finance understands market challenges & business finance requirements, we help you with better alternatives and complete financing solutions in order to meet high growth, expansion & cash flow with the flow requirements. You may choose from various complete finance options that cater to people as well as corporations. Our top loan specialists team will assist you to pick the best solution to fit your needs and then customize it to suit your precise requirements. Finance approval is subject to the submission of required and relevant documents along with your application request.


Capital is very essential in running a business Financial activity stimulates company prosperity and profitability.

Investiment Banking

We at Psalms Finance offer investment banking advisory offerings for mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and different financial transactions, vital to the development of your corporation.


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